Problems getting SonaQube scan to run

I am using the SonarQube plugin to do source code scans from The plugin has never had problem, the last time I used it was 12 days ago, and it worked fine. However, today I attempted to run a SonarQube scan from my gradle project and received the following message:

Compilation failed for [SourceFile[/apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/src/main/groovy/com/miax/mfp/init/MemberFirmPortalBootstrap.groovy]]
Compilation failed for [SourceFile[/apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/src/main/groovy/com/miax/mfp/riskprotection/orderrate/RiskProtectionOrderRateController.groovy]]
Compilation failed for [SourceFile[/apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/src/main/groovy/com/miax/mfp/riskprotection/orderrate/RiskProtectionOrderRateOnetickDao.groovy]]
Compilation failed for [SourceFile[/apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/src/main/groovy/com/miax/mfp/riskprotection/orderrate/RiskProtectionOrderRateService.groovy]]
Groovy report sonar.groovy.codenarc.reportPaths not found at /apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/build/reports/codenarc/test.xml
Reports path not found: /apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/target/surefire-reports

10 actionable tasks: 2 executed, 8 up-to-date

I do realize that this is most like more of a SonarQube plugin issue (I think), although, since the last successful run, the plugin has not changed, and the file has not changed. If this is a issue that is outside the scope of this community, please just let me know.

I was hoping that you had some experience with this, and had some ideas.
Thanks for any help!

Hey there.

This probably is a question for the maintainers of GitHub - Inform-Software/sonar-groovy: SonarQube plugin for Groovy ā€“ and Iā€™d like to know, why is your build marked successful if compilation is failing for certain files?

Thanks for your response Colin. I believe that success message is from gradle and is related to the overall status of the build. And, although the errors were produced in the sonarqube task of the build (gradle), the build seems to have succeeded ā€“ meaning, those groovy modules did compile as part of the gradle build task, but were reported as failed during the sonarqube task. I am not sure why and, in part, is what prompted my question.


Thanks. I have a feeling that compilation failures on the Groovy side (orchestrated by the Groovy plugin) might be causing the report at /apps/mjaynes/BitBucket/bsd/mfp/server/build/reports/codenarc/test.xml to never exist (you can also verify this yourself by checking if a codenarc report is generated anywhere in your repo during the build)

Thank you Colin! I will look into this.