Problem with Sonarqube and Azure DevOps

Hello there,

first of all i’m using 2.7 version of sonarqube plugin in Java with Gradle.

I’m trying to run a sonarqube gradle task from azure pipeline like:
- task: Gradle@2
displayName: ‘SonarQube Inspection’
options: ‘-Dsonar.projectKey=provisioning-storage -Dsonar.login=(SONAR_QUBE_TOKEN)’
tasks: sonarqube

When i run the task locally without variables everything works fine but it doesn’t work on Azure.
i’m getting build falied with
SonarQube server [] can not be reached

Please help

Hi @nejji143 and welcome to the community.

Which version of Azure DevOps are you using ? Is that the one on the cloud or on-premise ?


Hello @mickaelcaro, thanks for the welcome.

We are using Azure DevOps on the cloud. Our company has an account as an organization on