Problem with azure devops after upgrading to 9.0.1


We have recently upgraded to sonarqube 9.0.1. After the upgrade some integrations with azure devops started to fail, our PR-builds with a Sonarqube / Quality gate.

When I checked in the logs at the sonarserver I can saw the following:

Azure API call to [Azure DevOps Services | Sign In] failed with 404 http code. Azure response content : [{"$id":“1”,“innerException”:null,“message”:“TF401019: The Git repository with name or identifier XXX does not exist or you do not have permissions for the operation you are attempting.”,“typeName”:“Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Git.Server.GitRepositoryNotFoundException, Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Git.Server”,“typeKey”:“GitRepositoryNotFoundException”,“errorCode”:0,“eventId”:3000}]

We have previously used a unpersonalized “service account” in azure devops to setup integrations, that only had a stakeholder license and that work fine. Now it seams that we need a account with paid license, becuase it work fine if I switch en integration to my AD-user. But that is not optimal since it seams like I commenting on a PR:s :slight_smile:

So the question is, do the user that generates the token in azure devops need a paid license?

We use Azure’s personal access tokens to authenticate with their API, as described here. Make sure it has the authorization scope described in the SQ documentation.

I’m not too familiar with Azure’s account types and licensing, but if you can access the API with the PAT, it should work for SonarQube.