PR decorator without CI tool(e.g. Jenkins)

Hi, i’m using SonarQube v7.9.5 with enterprise edition.
I wonder if pr decorator(provider: GitHub) works without CI tools(e.g. Jenkins).
I checked that it works successfully integrating with Jenkins(PR request builder and using sonar scanner, providing parameters for pr decorator).
Is there any way to use pr decorator just with SonarQube & GitHub?

Hi @wonnyyyy ,

It depends. GitHub has GitHub Actions that act like a CI tool, so you can use GitHub to do both PR decoration and CI builds and checks. Here’s an example: Decorate your pull request with SonarQube and Github Actions | by Damien GAILLARD | Jahia Techblog | Medium

Here’s a more complicated example with SonarCloud with MSBuild and build-wrapper in a GitHub Actions flow for a Cfamily project, written by another community member: SonarCloud with MSBuild (+ Build Wrapper) on GitHub Actions


@wonnyyyy Since you mention SonarQube, I assume it is on premisses and not SonarCloud.
Can you clarify if you are using GitHub Enterprise, on premisses, or

I have not used SonarQube in several years now that SonarCloud is available, and I have never used GitHub Enterprise, on premisses.

We use SonarCloud primarily with Jenkins but have one private repository on Windows that uses actions. There is an official Action from SonarSource but it employs docker under the hood which makes it incompatible with Windows builds. I was not aware of Warchant/ setup-sonar-scanner and it seems to download the scanner CLI for you, and seems to be working on Linux and Windows. You can probably use their solution.

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