PR decoration issues

Hey. I’m trying to get inline comments on my PRs in Bitbucket Cloud from SonarCloud.

I’m currently seeing the warning: Pull request decoration did not happen. Failed to access Bitbucket Cloud, the repository or the Pull Request in the warnings of the PR in SonarCloud.

I’ve looked at your docs and it says inline comments on PRs aren’t possible at the moment when using Bitbucket Cloud. If so, it’d be nice if I was told that when trying to use it rather than it just failing…

Can you confirm if this is the case or not? I figured the docs could be out of date.

Hi @Morgan_Collins,

Inline comments are indeed not available on BitBucketCloud. This is listed as the next improvements we want to do on BitBucketCloud side here :

When/Where exactly were you expecting to be told ?

Still, you can have PR decoration on BBC side, with quality results displayed in a widget like this :