PR decoration in 7.7

We just updated to 7.7. Can you clarify exactly how PR decoration should work? Previously, There was global comment (summary) on the PR, each violation was commented on the relevant line of code, and the check would either pass or fail. Now, there is only the check, no summary of line specific comments. Is this correct?

Also, we’re seeing two checks. SonarQube Code Analysis and SonarQube (which was the old one), but the latter always says

Code Quality check skipped

Is that expected?


In 7.7 we switched to using GitHub checks, with links into SonarQube to see the issues from the check itself. For the two checks, PRs that were opened before the upgrade didn’t get updated, so I guess that’s what you’re seeing.


@ganncamp it’s happening on all PRs, not just those that are opened after the upgrade. Is it hard-coded to always show the previous check as skipped or is there some condition I’m not hitting that will allow it not to show? Here’s what we’re seeing.

@ganncamp I think I figured out why this is happening. It appears to be due to us adding a pending check for SonarQube. It seems that when Sonar sees that (the old one) it updates it to passing with the skipped verbiage.

On all new PRs, there should be only the new SonarQube Code Analysis check.
The old SonarQube check should only be visible on PRs that were created in the previous version.

If you create a new PR now, you should not see the SonarQube anymore, the code that created it no longer exists in 7.7.