PR Decoration failing from sonar scanner

I’m struggling to get PR decorations working when the analysis is kicked off by sonar scanner.

I’m trying to get decorations working for a .Net Core project. The build pipeline is in Azure DevOps but the actual code is built inside a docker container that has our tooling in it. Because it’s built within a container I can’t use the normal azure devops task so I’m using sonar scanner in the build container instead.

I can get PR analysis working but the decoration always fails. I’m using the sonarscanner dotnet global tool and passing in sonar.pullrequest.key, sonar.pullrequest.branch and sonar.pullrequest.base. I have the ALM integration set at the global level and also have it configured at the project level with the project name and repo name.

I enabled debug logging for the compute engine and when I run an analysis I see this error:
“Unable to find a Pull Request decorator factory for ‘AZURE_DEVOPS’. Please check the configuration.”

I’m using SonarQube developer edition

I’m not sure what other steps to take so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Bill,

I also had problems with PR decoration on Azure DevOps Services using a docker container.
Did you try to provide these additional scanner parameters? They helped me getting PR decoration to work:


Furthermore I noticed an issue with the ALM connection test and AZDO Cloud, so it would be interesting to see what happens if you enter a wrong PAT like ‘123’ in your ALM config. Does the connection indicator switch to red or does it stay green?


This issue has been fixed by the implementation of SONAR-15203, which was part of SQ 9.1 release.