PR Decoration and Webhook Retry


Pull Request Decoration sometimes does not appear on a Pull Request within BitBucket, although the PR is successfully showing as completed. Similarly webhooks appear to be attempted only once.

It seems as if the call from SonarQube to Bitbucket is only attempted once and not retried.

This happens rarely but running the same analysis again (sometimes twice) will then show the SonarQube icon in Bitbucket.

Can a queuing facility with retry be added with alerting, should the connection be down, or one or both systems unable to send or receive for some reason.

Potentially a bit of work if no existing queuing capability exists within SonarQube…?


Hi @Will,

Thanks for taking the time to report it.
I’ll check with the team how the current PR decoration and webhook mechanisms technically behave and if there’s an opportunity to make it more reliable.


Hi @Will ,

Thanks for reaching out.

As you correctly noticed, currently there is no queuing mechanism for failed requests, nor do we retry them if anything fails. It’s indeed something that could be considered for the future, but it’s not on our priority list right now.

Hi again,

Just to confirm this was discussed internally with our Product Manager, and we are now tracking this. No promise on when or if we’ll do something about it, but we have it on our potential features list :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the update. It would be very helpful.

With thousands of analyses a day over hundreds of projects there are a few each day that fail and have to be run again. If there was a manual method in the meantime to (re)push the status to Bitbucket would help, particularly after a period of maintenance…

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