PR decoration and gating is reporting 0 issues, but when run against the merge its failing

  • Sonarqube Developer Edition –
  • Sonarqube reports code in MRs as passing, but when the merge is run against master the same check fails with a code smell.
  • Reproduction: See screenshots
  • No known workarounds


This is possible for some rules.

Pull request / merge request decoration only raises issues on new/updated code, and line 509 is not new. The issue was caused by the change to line 515, but no issue is raised on that line. Unfortunately, this type of issue falls through through the cracks.

We have a ticket for it:

FR-9 - PRs should show all new issues, not just the ones on changed code


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your response. This is really frustrating to our development staff, is there a workaround for it? Can you please update the FR with this post and feedback.


Sorry, there’s not a workaround. But I have made the Product Manager aware of your thread.