PR analyze in new 7.9 LTS SonarQube

I use SonarQube 6.7.6 LTS Community edition and we want to move to 7.9 LTS to have the capability of analyzing PR.

I try to gather all requirement for upgrading:

I have to purchase a new license “Developer edition”
I have to have Github enterprise v2.14 and higher.
I have to have the Internet-accessible URL endpoint such as “” to address Github webhooks.

Could you please confirm these requirements to achieve my goals?
Many thanks, Pasha.

Hello @ep4sh,

Not necessary that your SonarQube URL is internet accessible. Internet accessible is only needed if you use In your case you use GitHub Enterprise so it’s just needed that the SOnarQUbe is accessible form your GitHub Enterprise server

For the rest, that’s all correct. On top of the requirements you’ll have to do a bit of setup/configuration as explained at

Regards, Olivier

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