postgreSQL cleanup


I am trying to upgrade sonarqube developer version from 8.9 to 9.9 LTS.

This is how I am planning to do the upgrade on a production server.

So after setting up all the prerequisites, I have downloaded the new version and modified the configuration file. After this, I will be stopping the services like apache, postgresql and sonarqube on my server. I will then modify the apache configuration for the new installation directory.

During the upgrade process i understood that we need to cleanup the PostgreSQL. So what I am confused is

  1. Should I clean the postgreSQL after starting all the services and before starting the setup on browser.

  2. Or I should start the services and start setup on browser and once all the setup is finished in browser, continue with the PostgreSQL clean-up?

Could someone shed some light on this matter.


The goal of performing a cleanup (Vaccum, refresh indexes and statistics) is to make sure that with all the data moved around / deleted / added during migration, the database can still perform well.

So I would suggest doing it after the database migration (after the setup)

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