Postgres' connections are consumed by Sonarqube

vs Sonarqube latest
install Kubernetes/busybox
done Setup a limited connection pool in postgres

This is what happens with the other DB when SQ is running

Loading configuration from /wiki/config.yml... OK
2023-03-30T13:53:16.411Z [JOB] info: Rendering page ID 140...
2023-03-30T13:53:16.937Z [JOB] info: Using database driver pg for postgres [ OK ]
2023-03-30T13:53:16.985Z [JOB] error: Rendering page ID 140: [ FAILED ]
2023-03-30T13:53:16.985Z [JOB] error: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections
2023-03-30T13:53:16.994Z [MASTER] warn: Error when running job render-page: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections

One thing from the SQ logging which I don’t see any possibility to solve in the current setup:

HikariPool-1 - Failed to validate connection org.postgresql.jdbc.PgConnection@43d12072 (This connection has been closed.). Possibly consider using a shorter maxLifetime value. 


Can you share any specific configurations you’ve made to SonarQube’s connection pool? I’m not asking for your JDBC URL or credentials. Only for anything else DB-related that you’ve set explicitly.

Also, what you’ve written implies that there are only two apps using your Postgres. Is that the case?


Hello Ann,

It’s merely a small server setup: 1 GB RAM / 1vCPU / 10 GB Disk / Primary only / PostgreSQL 14, used for testing purposes among others.
We have just the standard pool setup tool from Digital Ocean. We now get the impression it doesn’t work as it should. We did have only two databases running on it besides the postgres one. Presently we removed the Sonarqube db and setup another instance, intially ona v15 of Postgres.

Furhermore, it seems we are having a problem with Postgres v15, currently trying to get things running on v14. I’ll let you know