Possible error: Publish Quality Gate task not waiting until analysis finishes

  • versions used: Sonarqube, Sonarqube task version 4.7.1, Plugin Break build on quality gate failure, Azure DevOps 2019 on premise)
    We didn’t update Azure DevOps or the plugin Break build on quality gate failure before this issue. I saw that the Sonarqube plugin was updated

  • Since about 14-8-2019 the task to break the build on quality gate failure is not working. It seems like the publish task is not waiting for the analysis to end.

2019-08-14T08:41:14.5820495Z ##[error]Unknown result from previous http request. The body is: [object Object]. Statuscode is 200
2019-08-14T08:41:14.5829586Z Retrieving quality gate report from http://url/sonarqube/api/qualitygates/project_status?analysisId=undefined
2019-08-14T08:41:14.5912297Z ##[error]Something went wrong! Got statuscode 404 and error null
2019-08-14T08:41:14.5913109Z ##[error]Unknown result from previous http request. The body is: [object Object]. Statuscode is 404
2019-08-14T08:41:14.5940924Z ##[error]Unhandled: Cannot read property 'status' of undefined 

As you can see it cannot find the quality gate at 8:41:14 but on Sonarqube I see that the analysis ended at 8:41:15.

  • sort of workaround: requeue the build several times until we catch a timeframe where the Break build task is fired after the analysis ends
    sub-category for rules-related behaviour

Also posted on plugin’s GitHub but this hasn’t changed lately

We are also seeing the exact same issue on our systems right now as well


We recently change the location of report-task.txt files, so you might have to change your implementation as well :wink:


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