Portfolio Calculation Failing Every Time

Sonarqube 7.9.2 Enterprise Edition
Scanner version
DB: Postgres v10.x (AWS RDS)

We recently upgraded SQ to v7.9.2. In CE, quality gate reports are working fine but getting error for Portfolio Calculation - I’ve attached the screenshot of error. Since its never worked from the upgrade I am thinking something might be misconfigured or not configured at all. So I’d appreciate if any of you can shed some light as to where to look to troubleshoot this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pganeshar,

It seems like there’s a font issue, looking at the exception. Are you running SonarQube in Docker, by any chance?

@Wouter_Admiraal, really sorry about the late reply. Yes, indeed, we have a CentOS docker image baked with all the build tools and then they get spinned up on the Kubernetes clusters. Each pipeline then use these containers to build and deploy.

Hi @pganeshar,

Could you see if adding the libfreetype package to your CentOS image helps? See this commit on the official SonarQube Docker image.

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Thanks so much @Wouter_Admiraal. As you suggested I am going to do this right now. I will let you know the outcome. I understand that Portfolio tasks run in the background (https://egsonarqube.dtveng.net/documentation/analysis/background-tasks/). is there anyway to kick it off and see whether this fixes the issue. Otherwise, I guess I need to run a few scans and wait for background task to run.

Thanks again and apologies for the delay.


If you’re an admin on the portfolio, then you have access to Portfolio Settings on the Portfolio homepage. From there, pick Edit Definition and on that page, there’s a Recompute button that will kick off recomputation manually.