Populate SonarCloud results into SonarQube

Is there a way to populate results from SonarCloud into SonarQube? If not, are there any future plans for this or some kind of a bundled option that is available to integrate the two offerings? Apologies if this functionality already exists, but I couldn’t find anything that talked about that.

Here is some additional context. We already use SonarQube in some parts of my organization, but we have a few groups that are based completely in the cloud. If I go ahead with SonarCloud, it would be great to get those results to show up in our existing SonarQube dashboard (in addition to combing billing, support, etc.). Any help of direction on this would be greatly appreciated.


This is currently not supported.
We do not have any way to synchronize SonarCloud with a SQ instance.
And at the moment, there is no plan to support it.