Plugin For Report Analysis

Just started to study SonarQube. I have some questions about Plugins or Future Plugin Capability which may or may not make sense as I am new to SonarQube.

I would like to know if I can build a Plugin that can be independent of any currently supported programming language.

Use Case: A team of financial analysts use tool X to generate reports. The tool can output a report as a document, a web page and as a structured report formatted in, lets say for our thought experiment, the Universal Finance Report Language (UFRL). Can a SonarQube Plugin be created for UFRL?

Another way to ask the question might be “can a plugin be designed to override the core language rules it is intended to enhance”?


Welcome to the community!

SonarQube is about code analysis. If UFRL were a language with files then you could write a plugin to analyze the language and import your 3rd-party linter reports. But you need code files to attach issues to. So the scenario you laid out isn’t going to work unless you’re feeding in the files the financial analysis study as the code.

Hope this makes sense