Please don't truncate long lines in 'Show Scanner Context' view

In a project’s Background Tasks view, some jobs provide access to information about that job’s scanner execution context. In the scanner context view, lines longer than around 1022 characters or so are truncated, and “…” is appended.

Please don’t truncate long lines, as the truncated portions may contain quite relevant information for troubleshooting.

… of course I would prefer not to have super long lines in the first place, but to paraphrase the famous quote, you go to war with the lines you have

If by chance this has been fixed since 9.4, then my apologies! (we’re planning to upgrade to 9.9 soon™)


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Welcome to the community!

I recognize that the line length here is out of your control. But could you share the keys that have these long values, and/or the types of data that make the values long?


Hi Ann,

These all contain comma separated lists of absolute paths to various jar files.


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