Plans about quality profiles & gates setting on new project

Hi everybody,

I have a little question about configuring new projects.

For now, a user who has no “Administer permissions” cannot create a project in the Web UI.
The only way to create a project is:

  • Using the Web API
  • Launch a first analysis

In the first case (which is for advanced users to my mind), we can use Web API to set quality profile & gate before first analysis.

But in the second case we can not. Users uncomfortable with REST, JSON & HTTP have to use default profiles for the first analysis.

In old versions of SonarQube it was possible to set quality profiles to use but it is deprecated now.


  • Is there a specific reason for having deleted quality profiles properties from scanners options?
  • Is there something planned to allow “not advanced users” to set their project (through Web UI or Scanners) before the first analysis?

Thank you for reading me,

Hi Benoît,

Once again, “deprecated” does not mean “deleted”. The option is still there. You can still use it. We deprecated it because using it is a bad idea. Why? Because it belongs to a mono-language context, and for quite a few years now, SonarQube is multi-lingual.

As a matter of fact, yes. We plan to handle that as part of (as a side-effect of, really):

MMF-1379 - Allow non-global admin users to create Portfolios and Applications



Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: