Physical Project analysis size

Hello Sonarqube Community,

As an administrator of our own Sonarqube instance used by many users and projects, we wanted to know which project/analysis was physically taking the most space in our platform ( in MB,GB ?) Unfortunately we couldn’t find this information.

I think the physical size is highly related to the LoC, but I can’t prove this point right now. I tried to look at the API but this information wasn’t mentionned. On my sonarqube server, I tried to get a look on the es7/ repository but couldn’t get any hint there either. I didn’t tried this yet, but I think my last resort is to look into the sql Database.

I’m using Sonarqube 8.9.6, I would like to know if anyone tried to achieve this or if someone could give me a hint.

Thank you
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LoC is a good guess, but issue count, branches/PRs under analysis and “issue changes” may be more relevant. That said, the database should really be treated as a black box.

Could you share why you want this data?



Thank you for your answer.
We wanted to get this data because we have limited storage size on our Sonarqube server and we wanted to know if it was possible to detect some kind of bad practices or if a project was taking too much space on our sonarqube server.

Should I understand from your answer that there is no way to get this information :cry: ?


Sorry, there’s really not a way to get this per project. I’ll ask though whether any of the individual DB tables stand out in size?