Permissions to Group

Hi All,

We are trying to use Web API for SonarQube for creation of groups and provide required permissions for them.

We are able to create groups successfully but when we are trying to global permissions for the groups we are trying to give two permissions at a time which is not working for us. Please let us know if there is anyway to do it. Permission we are trying to give are “provisioning,scan”

SonarQube Version : 7.9.1

Thanks in Advance
Nithin Krishna Juturu

Hi Nithin,

I understand your confusion. The documentation for this service parameter is pretty terse. However, it say “Permission” singular, so I have to assume that it just doesn’t work to send in multiple, comma-delimited permissions. You’ll have to make 2 calls.


Hi Nithin,

FYI, we’re going to make the docs clearer:

Thanks for your feedback!

HI Ann,

Thanks for the info, yes it will be good if the docs are made clearer.