Permission Denied error while generating cnes-sonar report via cmd

Hi all,

I am using Sonar-cnes plugin to generate Sonar-scan reports. I can generate reports via dashboard without any issue but when I try to generate it via command line, I’m getting permission denied error. So, I granted permission for all (full control). But I am geting the same error again.

Can anyone suggest any solution to fix issue. Thanks.


Hi Khopi,

This is a third-party plugin & your best bet is to create an issue on that GitHub repository.

That said, while it has been a long time since I looked at this functionality, I guess you’re working with a project that’s not readable by Anyone, so you need to pass in a token from a user with Browse permissions on the project.


Hi Ann,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll create an issue regarding this. And I used token with -t option.


Hi Khopi,

sonar-cnes-report 4.0.0 is not compatible with Sonarqube 9.3.0, see

though there is a way to make it work with the latest Sonarqube 9.3.0


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Hi @Rebse,

I was able to generate it by adding token as first option. At first I put token as 3rd option. That’s why I got permission denied error…If I’m not wrong.

java -jar sonar-cnes-report-4.0.0.jar -t tokentokentone -s http://localhost:9000 -p DemoProject -a SonarQube -o C:\SQ_analysis_report


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