PAT token when creating SonarCloud organization

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Azure DevOps

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Azure DevOps

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Hey guys,

so we finally convinced our management to purchase SonarCloud for our company, yay! I’m currently trying to create an organization for us and I am wondering what the PAT token is used for?

Based on my experience with SonarQube I am guessing Pull Request Decoration? So I should probably use a functional account which is also a Project Collection Administrator? Or is it used for something else?


Hi @RobCo

The PAT will also be used to list your projects / repositories to be able to import them automatically (it will create a SonarCloud project based on that), as well as for the PR decoration, you’re right.

So yes, we strongly encourage to create a service account for that, with dedicated permissions.


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Hey Mickaël,

thank you for the answer! That is good to know.


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