Parallel .NET Test Execution Azure Devops - missing code coverage metrics

We’re trying to scale our test execution by running them in parallel on separate job agents in Azure Devops. (

We’ve specified Azure Devops to upload test results as attachments so in my final job I download all trx and coverage files to their proper location and directories before running code analysis.

In the logs, it shows that it’s found the trx and coverage files but the final publication shows up as 0% coverage in the sonarcloud report. I was also able to download the entire build’s coverage report and have code analysis process that, but again it shows up as 0%.

If everything is in one job, then it works but this isn’t exactly scalable. It looks like there might have been some sonarqube changes to support this but this isn’t in sonarcloud yet?


We don’t support multiple pipeline for one single repo at the moment in SonarCloud, but this is already in our backlog (but it requires more deep changes at we originally thought)

You have a FAQ with current supported scenario in the Azure DevOps documentation page of SonarCloud :



@mickaelcaro Is there a link that we can track the status of this work?


@mickaelcaro I was also wondering on the status of this backlog item, we are implementing parallel testing in Azure DevOps as well.

Hi @gzarkovic-livly

Thanks for the interest of that, it’s on our roadmap, but still no ETA to give y’all.


@mickaelcaro - it’s been roughly 12 months, I wondered if this ever made it into production or if there’s a workaround?