Overview measures: new code date is not updated since first scan

I’m trying to check why the date for my new code measures is not updated. I started to scan the code since March and that date has not changed from that moment.
The version of SonarQube that I’m using is
And actually, the steps to reproduce is just going into the overview section of the project and compare the new code and overall code tabs. The following images depicted the scenario:

However, if I go to the activity part in the bottom of the section, I can check that the scans that I performed are registered.

So, I really appreciate if you could give me a reason why if those scans are registered, the date in the first picture is not updated with the latest scan that I performed?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

That date that is shown (March 24, 2021) is the start of the New Code period (the date that after which, all code/issues introduced are considered New).

(Why is the concept of “new code” so important? See Clean as You Code: How to win at Code Quality without even trying).

So while the date isn’t changing (it’s just a start date), the underlying measures are changing every time you perform an analysis. If you add 5 vulnerabilities tomorrow, you’ll have 5 New Vulnerabilities (as compared to how many you had on March 24, 2021.

There are a few ways to Define New Code if for some reason you need to update this date (so the New Code Period starts later). However – for now it appears that your first analysis was a baseline scan, and everything after is New Code (many users like leaving it this way!)