Overall Code Passed

I’m working with Community Edition Version 8.6.1
When I take a first scanner on my source I get this

Why is it Passed ?
Thaks in advance

Hi @r.malito
Quality Gate passed because the ratings seem to be OK for the criteria you set up.
Can you put a screenshot of your Quality Gate criteria pls? and a screenshot of your “New Code” tab as well (same as Overall code that you already posted)


Hi Carine,
thanks for your response. I send you the screenshot of my Qualities Gates and New Code Tab



Then it’s clear to me :slight_smile:
You have conditions only on New Code, which means that even if the “Overall Code” isn’t good (because of technical debt, previous developments methods etc), if the New Code is clean, the QG will pass.
And… you need to run a second analysis of your branch to have any measure on New Code, as mentioned on your screenshot.

As soon as you run this 2nd analysis, you’ll have measures displayed for New Code.
If they are good, and if you want to keep your expectations looking at New Code only, then you should be good and QG will pass if New Code is good.
If you want to change these expectations, you can still customize your QG by adding conditions on the Overall Code (for example, Security Rating shouldn’t be worse than D etc), without being too strong as your existing code seem to have some issues and not-so-good ratings. The idea afterward is to raise the bar of the expectations on a good rhythm, to follow the improvements of the dev teams on your side.

Let me know if this is clear enough,

Yes, thanks, it’s all clear now !!
It’s not actually my code, but it’s an old application that I need to do maintenance on.
Anyway, thank you very much for the quick and courteous reply.

Kind regards


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