Out of memory on a .net framework project

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • .NET Framework

We receive an out of memory message for a project:

Your analysis with ID “63d9f02a-4e70-4ea2-a198-6ad9e9bd0d1b” has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis. See troubleshooting documentation

Hi @felixp and welcome to the community !

.NET projects are not yet supported on Autoscan.

However, it seems that many HTML files still got analyzed by it, and many duplications warning appeared, which may have cause this OOM error.

I can give you more insights on PM if you need, let me know.


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Thanks Mickaël! Really appreciate your feedback.

If you can PM me please, I don’t think I have a level right now. Thanks

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