Optional.ofNullable + Optional value should only be accessed after calling isPresent()

Due to some reason, our optional value can be null. So that is why we are using the below statement.


In that case Sonarqube should not throw this error “Optional value should only be accessed after calling isPresent()”


The code still needs a call to aliMnsId.isPresent(). See this example:

Optional<String> aliMnsId = Optional.empty();
if (Optional.ofNullable(aliMnsId).isPresent()) {

It causes the exception:

Exception java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present
        at Optional.get (Optional.java:143)

And to avoid this error, you need a aliMnsId.isPresent() as SonarQube suggests…

if (Optional.ofNullable(aliMnsId).isPresent() && aliMnsId.isPresent())

But at this point, you could simply write if (aliMnsId != null && aliMnsId.isPresent())

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Thanks for the reply. I understand your point regarding exception. I will do the below check.
if (Optional.ofNullable(aliMnsId).isPresent() && aliMnsId.isPresent())

But if you put this “(aliMnsId != null && aliMnsId.isPresent())” then Sonarqube will give error “null” should not be used with "Optional"