One Project has Conditional Coverage but the Other Doesn't?

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Hi all,
On the same SQ server instance, I have two projects. One looks as I expect, it has all the different categories for conditional coverage and lines of code etc.

The other seems to be missing the conditional side in the ‘Overall’ category.

We have not manually updated anything, just ran the build steps through ADO on our build as usual.

UPDATED: This has also effected the overall coverage on the project which has tanked almost 7%. I’m guessing this is because the coverage metric is calculated as image

but all conditional coverage etc. is showing as nonexistent.

I have tried restarting the SQ server without any luck.

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Any ideas? I’m thinking a last resort would be to delete and re-create the project, but I would REALLY like to keep the historical data…

Hello @GCDewski,

What tool do you use for coverage on your projects?
Can you verify the content of the generated reports to contain the conditional coverage data?

We only support condition coverage for OpenCover format.

Hi Pavel thank you for your response,

Visual Studio Test Platform (set to be the latest version) generates the code coverage file while it runs the tests.
I have the community version of Sonarqube which doesn’t have generated reports. However, when I look at the metric charts though and add a custom metric for conditional coverage it has a warning “This metric has no conditional coverage to display”.

Update: Sorry I read your message correctly now, I’ll check the VS code coverage file for the conditional coverage.

@Pavel_Mikula Looking at the generated TRX file that Visual Studio gives me, I don’t see where I would be able to tell if there’s conditional coverage or not. All I can tell is that in comparing the two reports before I had the issue and after, the after report just has more tests. Is there anything in particular I need to check to tell about conditional coverage?

I will say that the project that doesn’t have the issue above has it’s code coverage report generated the same way, so I don’t think that would be the issue.

Ah I see, from what I can tell, the VS Test Platform does not be default run an OpenCover analyzer. THe other project has typescript tests which use a different tool which is in the OpenTool format.

All this to say I guess this is not why the code coverage dropped. I’ll keep investigating - sorry for the confusion. I’ll mark the topic closed.

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