Older version of scanner in AzureDevops


we are using sonar scanner for our large project to scan C++ language with Azure DevOps. To do that we download in pipeline the newest build-wrapper as it is mentioned in docs. But the scanner deployed by Azure is older version Thanks to that we are getting warnings in the project about using newer version of builder-wrapper than the scanner expects.


How can we specify to use the newest scanner version? Is it using older because of the OS support?

The scanner tasks are running on our Linux Agents with Centos7/8 versions.
SonarQube is updated to latest version 5.15.0

Hey there.

Is it possible you’re downloading the build wrapper from https://sonarcloud.io and not your own SonarQube instance – the link of which is in the screenshots you shared?

Yes. We are getting it from sonarcloud.io.

Well… stop. :smiley:

SonarCloud runs the latest version of our analyzer and has the latest version of the build wrapper, while you should always be relying on what comes with your version of your SonarQube instance.

Ok we will be getting it from now over our instance :smile:

Thank you.
Just wondering. To update our version in the future I should address our admin or I can do it through SonarQube directly?

Upgrading is a SonarQube administrator activity.

Ok. Thank you and consider this issue closed :blush:

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