Old code vs New code | Reintro


In SonarQube Community 9.9.1 I spotted interesting behavior I would like to ask for.

  1. In the OLD code there is an issue.
  2. We fix the issue. It is disappearing form OLD code
  3. Someone reintroduce the same issue, but instead of being shown in NEW code, it is still visible in OLD code tab.

In previous version we had (8.9.3) it was detected as a new code. The ruleset is the same for both instances.

Is this expected?

The project comes from GH Actions using kitabisa/sonarqube-action@v1.2.0


Hey there.

This ultimately relies on whether or not the issue has been subject to housekeeping yet.

So yes – if the same issue (meeting issue tracking requirements) is raised again within the 30-day housekeeping period, it keeps all the traits it had before it was closed.

I don’t think the experience on v8.9 LTS should have been any different.

Hi Colin

I have this example, found in our production.
With the same custom ruleset, since it is old code with a lot of smells.

Error found: Index.html - Missing title tag.
Was found in “old code” section.

We fixed it by added html title tag.
Sonar was happy, the error was removed from “old code” section.

We then removed to html title tag again.
Our perception was, sonar should be mad, have a NEW error in “new code” section.

But that did not happen.
Is this a case of “raised again within the 30-day housekeeping period”?

So if Yes: In theory, we can reintroduce all fixed errors within a 30 period.
Is that correct?