Okhttp3 connection leak warning even in sonar-scanner-api:

This behavior is similar to SonarCloudAnalyze@1 throws okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform error but I confirmed this with sonar-scanner-api: which has a fix for SC-1431 (SCCOMM-13).

When I apply the gradle plugin to the build, in the build log like this, I can find many connection leak warnings from okhttp3. I’m sure that the sonar-scanner-api is version, see build scan if necessary. Here is an example log:

2020-05-18T14:54:30.1741387Z A connection to https://sonarcloud.io/ was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1741555Z java.lang.Throwable: response.body().close()
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1741802Z 	at okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform.getStackTraceForCloseable(Platform.java:149)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1741978Z 	at okhttp3.internal.connection.Transmitter.callStart(Transmitter.java:116)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1742251Z 	at okhttp3.RealCall.execute(RealCall.java:78)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1742417Z 	at org.sonarqube.ws.client.HttpConnector.doCall(HttpConnector.java:184)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1742560Z 	at org.sonarqube.ws.client.HttpConnector.get(HttpConnector.java:110)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1742698Z 	at org.sonarqube.ws.client.HttpConnector.call(HttpConnector.java:97)
2020-05-18T14:54:30.1742948Z 	at org.sonar.scanner.bootstrap.DefaultScannerWsClient.call(DefaultScannerWsClient.java:59)

It seems that sonar-scanner-engine: can be solution, see my commit and buildscan for detail. So I guess that SC-1431 is not enough to resolve SCCOMM-13.

Hi @KengoTODA,

Just to be sure : are you using SonarQube or SonarCloud ?


I use sonarcloud.

I am also using SonarCloud and seeing the same warnings in the logs but with a different executable: it’s sonar-scanner- in my case.