Number of unit test is - regardless reports are on place and config is correct

SonarQube: Enterprise Edition Version 9.2.4 (build 50792)
Sonar client:

Here is config:

"sonar.projectKey": "com.avid:scanner",
      "": "build",
      "sonar.exclusions": "**/src/main/java/com/avid/security/scanner/dtos/**/*.*,**/src/main/java/com/avid/security/scanner/exceptions/**/*.*,**/src/main/java/com/avid/security/scanner/entities/**/*.*,**/src/main/java/com/avid/security/scanner/configs/**/*.*,**src/test/**/*.*",
      "coverage.exclusions": "**src/test/**/*.*",
      "sonar.junit.reportPaths": "build/test-results"

reports does exist in build/test-results/test folder

after scan is completed in SonarQube UI the number of unit tests is -

already figured it our.
when i set
“sonar.tests”: “src/test”,
“sonar.sources”: “src/main”,

all worked

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