Number of lines exceeds your organization plan

Hello !

  • ALM used : GitHub
  • CI system used : GithHub Action
  • Languages of the repository : JS/PHP

SonarCloud within automatic initial scan doesn’t use source file exclusions patterns.
Without this patterns, my repo contains /vendors/** and templates/** files that exceed the LoC limit of my organization plan.

Hello @mickael-royer,

I’m not sure if you are reporting an improvement or seeking help.

I’ll assume that your project is currently not automatically analyzed by SonarCloud. You can configure the exclusions through the UI (only possible after a first scan) or in a file. See the Additional analysis configuration section in this documentation page .

Could you tell me a bit more about the contents of the vendors/and templates/ directories? Is it a common pattern to have these directories that contain files that you don’t want scanned? Just to see if we can improve Automatic Analysis to handle these cases better.

Hello Tom and thanks for your answer.
I was seeking help :wink:
My project is automatically analyzed and i configured the exclusions.
After this configuration, an analyse triggered by a new commit is successfull.
My issue was about the first analyse before configuration that failed due to limit of LoC exceed.

In that case to make the first scan with Automatic Analysis not exceed your LoC limit you would need to have a file in your project in which you have defined the exclusions before you import the project into SonarCloud.

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