NullPointerException will be thrown when invoking method

So I got this issue on our automated SQ check.

What I understand is ‘can be null’ - well actually it cannot because of the rules, that prevent nulls to arrive at the point of the check, but I guess that’s what SQ cannot recognize. What I don’t understand is the reasoning step 3 - 4:

  1. Implies ‘p_seminarInfo’ can be null
  2. Implies ‘l_seminarInfo’ is null

That doesn’t sound right, but maybe I’m missing something, could someone please take a look and explain what’s going on? I hope you can see the picture I have uploaded. If you need the source code to analyze the question let me know.

We are using SQ v6.5.

Best regards

BTW the method in question is being covered by JUnit tests - it definitely doesn’t throw NPE.