Not receiving Notification

Yes, as I have been informed and also from what I can see in the code currently only notifications for the main branch and long-term branches will be produced. In the case of features and bugfixes by default, these will not be included.

In terms of branches which will be assessed you can see these in the branches section of the project.

Here you can see that I have main and branch-new. I would expect to recieve messages from both of these. You can also modify which branches you can receive these on by editing the long-lived branches pattern at the top right of the screen. In the case of long-term projects or branches you can then have teams collaborating on branches receive these notifications.

One thing to consider in this case is that any pipelines you are running would need to make sure they are running for these branches (I had to edit my own as I was working with only main and prs).

I hope this helps