Not able to see Sonar Snippet in Bitbucket Master Branch

We are using SonarCloud and our code base is stored in Bitbucket.

In the Bitbucket PR, we are able to see the Sonar Snippet but in the Master branch of the Repository, we are not able to see the Sonar Snippet.

We are able to see it in other Repos. As a test, we tried to merge few PR’s still no luck!

Kindly help.


Welcome to the community!

Are you expecting SonarCloud to decorate your main branch in Bitbucket? That only works for PRs.


Hi G Ann,

Thanks for reply.

In other Repositories, we can see SonarCloud decorate Master Branch. Please have a look over below snippet.


But only in this repo, we are not able to see the Sonarcloud decoration.
Kindly let me know if any configuration we might be missing.

Hey there.

Have you checked to make sure that analysis is running on the master branch and you can see the results in SonarCloud?


Thanks for response. The issue is now resolved.