Not able to implement webapi called "api/new_code_periods/set"

Hi Team,
We are currently using Sonarqube Version 8.9.6. Here we are trying to implement WebAPI ( POST api/new_code_periods/set) but we are getting the error response like ({“errors”:[{“msg”:“HTTP method POST is required”}]}).
Please guide us so that we can use the WebAPI in our current project. If possible please share us some sample steps it would be very helpful.

Thank You

Hey there.

You may be interested in documentation like this: How to make a POST request with cURL

Thanks for your reply. Actually i need some sample steps for POST webapi connectivity in sonarqube.

What have you tried so far?

Actually we are trying to automate the analysis process. lets take an example: there is one project which belongs to multiple modules. suppose i want to analyze one module with a specific time and duration then i can use new code functionality manually then it will analyze the source code but if i used new code with WebAPI(POST api/new_code_periods/set) then i can able to analyze multiple of modules with in a short time period but i am not able to do it. please suggest