//NOSONAR does not work

We upgraded from Sonarqube 9.4 to 9.9 LTS.
Earlier, the issues for code lines marked with //NOSONAR used to not show up in the report but now they do.
I could not see anything in the release notes about any change in behavior. What could be the reason for this?

Hey there.

What language(s) are affected here?

Java mainly.

Nothing should have changed there.

Can you provide a screenshot or a reproducer where an issue is raised despite NOSONAR?


It looks like that issue is being raised by GitHub - spotbugs/sonar-findbugs: SpotBugs plugin for SonarQube. Is this plugin installed on your SonarQube instance, or are you importing third-party issues?

Yes we do have the findbugs plugin


In my tests, I can use NOSONAR to suppress issues raised by this plugin.

I would suggest raising an issue with the maintainer of the plugin if you experience different behavior.