No version entries when using GitLab CI magic

  • When running in GitLab CI SonarQube uses a mechanism of its
    own to determine the “correct” branch name.
  • This is triggered when:
    • property is empty or not given at all and
    • the environment variable GITLAB_CI is true.
  • Then SonarQube will set to CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME.
  • In the case of a tag build in GitLab this unfortunately has the effect
    that the version is set on a branch called CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME because then
    CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME is identical to CI_COMMIT_TAG.
  • These branches are not kept in general so:
    • the version is not visible on the “MAIN BRANCH” and at the same time
    • “new code measures” are reported wrongly as well as they are calculated as issues since the last version on the same branch.