No results are being posted to SonarCloud

We have around 10 repositories in Azure DevOps. Each having a folder for UI code (angular), a DB solution and a back end code in .Net Core. I have configured SonarCloud scan for UI, DB and back end service code in all these 10 repositories. But only from one particular repo named ABC.Platform.Lookup, we are not seeing any scan reports getting posted to the respective SonarCloud projects. I have deleted and re-created this repo as well as pipelines and SonarCloud projects but no luck. I see the message " The main branch has no lines of code." in all 3 SonarCloud Projects. Has anyone faced any such issue from Azure DevOps repo? Is there anything that I need to configure?

I found that the results were not posted because of something wrong in .gitignore file!!! I corrected it and its working.