No issue details, but the overview counts I have security review issues

Hi the project shows three Security Review issues on the Overview page, but when I go to the Security Hotspots page, it shows absolutely nothing! What am I doing wrong?

I have already try workaround here No issue details, but the summary view says I have 13 bugs - #5, but not work. What should I do?

  • version: SonarQube (10.1)
  • deployed by Docker
  • csharp

Hey there.

  • What edition of SonarQube are you using?
  • Are you looking at the branch/pull request of a project, or the main branch?
  • Can you try updating to SonarQube v10.3? SonarQube v10.1 is an EOL version of SonarQube.

Hi There.

I updated Sonarqube version to v10.3, the issue has been fixed.


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