No Code Vulnerabilities, Bugs, Smells showing in coverage scan

Hi All,

We are not seeing Vulnerabilities, Bugs, Smells showing in coverage scan for some of our projects. We are on SonarQube Version 6.7.2 (build 37468)

We use the SonarScanner for MsBuild in TFS 2018.
SonarScanner for MSBuild 5.1
Using Visual Studio 2017 (2017 on build server, VS2019 on local dev machine who pushed code to TFS Git repo)
Dotnet sdk: 2.2.104

Tasks: Prepare Analysis Configuration/Run Code Analysis
Version : 4.18.0
(NOTE: some projects on 4.17.0. In order to update, I remove and re-add these tasks in the build definition).

Logs show no errors. We get 95.5% coverage with 473 unit tests, but no bugs, vulnerabilities, or code smells.

I found a previous post: Analyser C# not Working - #26 by nmathieu
and Duncan Pocklington recommended adding this line:

Try adding /p:RunAnalyzersDuringBuild=true is the MSBuild Arguments section of the Azure DevOps build step.

But that also did not work.

Please let me know if I can provide more detail.


Welcome to the community!

SonarQube 6.7.2 is far, far past EOL. You should upgrade immediately. Your upgrade path is:

6.7.2 → 7.9.6 → 8.8 (last step optional)