No analysable projects were found - Azure DevOps/Self hosted agent

I created a Azure DevOps Build pipeline for a .NET Core solution and tried to configure the SonarQube in the build but endup with errors. I followed the steps from the link -

WARNING: File ‘C:***\DocumentDBRepository.CS’ is not located under the root directory ‘C:\VSTSAgent_work\1\s’ and will not be analyzed.
No analysable projects were found. SonarQube analysis will not be performed. Check the build summary report for details.

In the Prepare analysis on SonarQube task - I choose the “Integrate with MSBuild” option.

The path it was referring to execute was the c:\VSTSTask_work\1\s. But the sourcecode was in a different location - C:\MaaS

So I added the Advanced -> additional properties section, I added the below


After adding the changes I see the same error.

Later, I also choose the Use standalone scanner and choose - “Store configuration with my source code” and included the file in the root location of the solution.
I used the link -

15:18:22.955 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to load component class org.sonar.scanner.scan.ProjectLock
at org.sonar.core.platform.ComponentContainer$ExtendedDefaultPicoContainer.getComponent(
at org.picocontainer.DefaultPicoContainer.getComponent(
at org.sonar.core.platform.ComponentContainer.getComponentByType(
at org.sonar.scanner.scan.ProjectScanContainer.doBeforeStart(

I also tried “manually provide configuration” option, but I end up with the same error.

Version details

Azure DevOps
SonarQube - Onpremises v 6.7.1
Self hosted agent - Windows 2016
dotnet-sonarscanner v 4.5.0


12.txt (53.9 KB)
123.txt (305.0 KB)

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The source code was copied to the build definition path and now Sonarcube was able to successfully analyze the projects.

The sonarqube always refers to the build definition path. So it expects the source code to be in this location.

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