[NEW RELEASE] SonarQube CNES Report 3.3.0

Hello everyone,

We would like to submit a new version of the SonarQube CNES Report plugin that we have developed.

Here comes the required information concerning this plugin:

• Description: CNES plugin that allows users to download a bundle of project reports in multiple formats.

• Description of the new version: See the release notes below.

• Link to release notes : Release cnesreport 3.3.0 for SonarQube · cnescatlab/sonar-cnes-report · GitHub

• SonarQube compatibility: Unchanged

• Download URL for the plugin binary: https://github.com/cnescatlab/sonar-cnes-report/releases/download/3.3.0/sonar-cnes-report-3.3.0.jar

• Home page URL : GitHub - cnescatlab/sonar-cnes-report: Generates analysis reports from SonarQube web API.

• Link to SonarCloud project dashboard: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=fr.cnes.sonar%3Acnesreport

• Link to the PR: Add Sonar CNES Report plugin 3.3.0 by diegorodriguez31 · Pull Request #197 · SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties · GitHub

Thanks a lot for having a look at this plugin!


As we did not receive any answer, we just published a new request here : [NEW RELEASE] SonarQube CNES Report 3.3.1
This is the 3.3.1 patch version of this 3.3.0.

Please ignore this request or close it if possible.