[NEW RELEASE] sonar-dependency-check-plugin 2.0.6


Short description:

More information: https://github.com/dependency-check/dependency-check-sonar-plugin/releases/tag/2.0.6

Sonarqube compatibility: 7.9-LATEST
JDK: 1.8

SonarCloud project dashboard: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=dependency-check_dependency-check-sonar-plugin

PR: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/149

Philipp Dallig


Is it only available for SonarQube 7.9.4 ? I am using 7.9.1 and cannot see this version in marketplace.

If PR (https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/149) is merged, you should see this new version on the marketplace.


I’ve asked for a change in the PR.


Thank you very much for your review. I have made an update of the PR.



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Hi Ann,
I made another mistake.
The plugin is compiled against sonar-plugin-api, but the minimum version is 7.9

I have such problems now:

What is the best way to solve this?
Release a new version with 7.9 as a compilation dependency (GitHub-PR) or fix the line in the sonar-update-center-properties repository?

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’ve updated the compatibility of the current version to start at 7.9.3.

Whether or not you release a point version to roll compatibility back to 7.9.0 or not is up to you. Since the LTS is at 7.9.4 now, theoretically versions below that aren’t supported. I don’t have access to statistics about the number of instances on 7.9.0 - 7.9.2.


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You are right 7.9.3 is out of support, thank you for your quick action.

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