[NEW RELEASE] community-rust 0.0.8

We are pleased to announce the new community-rust plugin v0.0.8

  • Description : Analyze Rust language , import Clippy lints as external issue, tests and coverage reports
  • Highlights for v0.0.8 :
    • 2 more contributors :slight_smile:
    • Relative path handling in Clippy reports
    • Bumping some third party dependencies
    • The community.rust.test.reportPath property has been added to allow importing junit reports
    • Functions having attributes #[test] or #[tokio::test] are now detected as unit tests and their lines get specific highlight in the UI
    • the property community.rust.cpd.ignoretests is added to control whether you want to include unit tests in the duplication calculation
    • Refresh of Clippy lints list as of 2022-01-28

Please let us know if you have everything you need to update the MarketPlace




@ganncamp I’ve seen other update get handled, did you miss this one?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the ping! I missed this one.

And unfortunately I need one small change in your PR.


I think I applied the change, but I am not sure I fully understand the documentation . Hopefully my change is correct :wink:



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