AEM Rules 1.5

Compatibility update to SonarQube 8.9 LTS. There have been breaking API changes in the Sonar Java plugin that AEM Rules use as a depenency. This release removes reliance on no longer available methods, preventing runtime failures.

See #213

Update plugin metadata to require a lower version of the Java plugin than the unreleased RC 1.4 version, which made the requirement too strict

See #224

SonarQube Compatibility

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I tried to run this update, but got an error:

The plugin ‘java’ is in version 6.5.1 whereas the plugin ‘aemrules’ requires a least a version 6.15.

While I have no doubt you listed the dependency version correctly, we no longer publish updates of bundled analyzers to the Marketplace. So the job processing this version, can’t see version 6.15.

I guess what needs to happen here is that you remove the explicit dependency. Since Java analysis is an out-of-the-box feature now, no one should be running (or expecting your plugin to run) without it.


Thanks @ganncamp.

Does this mean I should just remove <requirePlugins>java:6.15</requirePlugins> from the plugin’s pom.xml? Or are you suggesting the removal of the Java Plugin as a Maven dependency? The latter probably won’t work, because we have rules that use classes from the org.sonar.plugins.java.api.tree package. Hope we’re not doing something unorthodox :slight_smile:

At the moment, the scope of the dependency is provided, so I don’t believe the binaries get packaged with the plugin.

Please advise so that I can figure out the right metadata and/or potential fixes.


Hi Tomek,

I think you just need to remove the requirePlugins element.

Can we try?


Sure, I’ll get that removed and prepare another release. I think that should be cleaner than touching up existing versions in the SCM. There’ve been a few commits since then, polishing the CI scripts.

New PR AEM Rules release 1.6 by toniedzwiedz · Pull Request #286 · SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties · GitHub
Should I create a new thread or edit this one?

This thread is fine. I’ll take a look soon.


I’ve asked for some changes on your new PR.


Okay, done.


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Confirmed, I can see the plugin in the Marketplace. Thank you so much!