New name for the Scanner for Gradle


SonarSource is happy to announce the release of Sonar Scanner for Gradle 3.5. With this version, the task has been updated to adopt the “sonar” name, instead of “sonarqube”. This new task works for both SonarQube and SonarCloud products.

So now, starting with this version of the Sonar Scanner for Gradle, instead of calling:

./gradlew sonarqube

you can simply call:

./gradlew sonar

For backward compatibility reasons, it is still possible to use the “sonarqube” task name, but the “sonarqube” task is now deprecated.


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wouldn’t it be handy to update the documentation at
Here the old task and configuration block sonarqube is still depicted.
This could avoid a lot of confusion for many users.
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Hi @KarstenR,

Changes to documentation will be published with the next version (9.8) of SonarQube.
Thanks for taking the time to give feedback.