New issues not reported in email notification for new classes

  • SQ: 7.9.0
  • Sonar Java: 5.13.1 (build 18282)
  • created a new class for testing purposes


When a new class is added, despite the issues existent in that class are identified and assigned to the author, in the notification email, the number of issues is 0 and the filter filter provided by the URL doesn’t contains those issues:


In this case the issues for class have, in SonarQube, creation date 11:26 (when commit was done), but in the url the date is 11:32 (10:32 UTC time)

File svn information:
Last Changed Date: 2019-08-26 11:26:11 +0100 (Mon, 26 Aug 2019)


Shouldn’t these issues also be reported in email and be filtered by the email?
This doesn’t happens for the updated files beween analysis


I looked into your problem and created SONAR-12423: the line with 0 issue should not appear in the email.

Regarding file being new but not having any issue in the notification, note that the notification only report issues created by the current analysis which have not been backported to a previous date or reopened.
Have a look at the file issues’ changelog to find out more about this.



How can I find issues changelog in a file?
In the case of than is it been backported to file creation date is that it? Is that information “Understanding Issue Backdating” in ?

It’s accessible in the UI:

I can’t tell with that few information but you’ve got an appropriate documentation page there.


I found the following documentation:

Which states:

We'll add three new backdating cases:

* file was added to the project since previous analysis (doesn't mean the file is new, could be because an exclusion was removed)

Example - file file with date 11:26 is backdated (new file) to the commit datetime



Is it possible not to use the backdating in this case?


Backdating can not be customized.

thank you for your support