New issues in old code

Hi everyone.

I come today with a “strange” behavior.

We with my team activate new rules in a Quality Profile and when analysis project’s, we detect a new issues but in old code.

We think this behavior is because the new issues by new rules is not detect in the past (in the overallcode the issue not exist).

This behavior is correct? Is anyway to prevent this?

In our automatization process to make the analysis the main branch (when detect git changes that’s not in SonarCloud, thats tirgger the analysis in main branch for update the baseline). But the new issues still appear in New Code (detected in old code, when a feature branch is analyzed).

Thanks for the support!


Could you share an example of one of these new issues in old code?

There are times when new issues are legitimately raised in old code, but if the issues are coming from rules that were just added to your profile, then they should be backdated.


Hi Ann,

Unfortunately, I can’t share an example. But thanks for the documentation, makes the situation clearer to me.

Thanks a lot!


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